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Monday, April 28, 2014

Manhattan Beach Gets Another "Green" Honor!

With all of the Earth Day activities and celebrations this past week it's important to acknowledge that the City of Manhattan Beach was honored by Los Angeles County last Tuesday with the Green Leadership Award, which recognizes the incredibly forward thinking stance MB has taken in regards to running the city in an amazingly eco-friendly and environmentally positive way.

Some of the factors that were instrumental in choosing Manhattan Beach for this award were the city employees use of alternative fuel and electric vehicles, the re-landscaping of public property with drought-tolerant gardens, pilot food-waste collection programs that were a big success and the incredible steps taken to prevent pollution of the marine environment.

If you go to the City of Manhattan Beach website it is impossible not to be extremely impressed by all of the attention city planners direct towards keeping the environmental standard of livability in MB exceptionally high. In addition to Manhattan Beach getting recognition, Sona Kalapura Coffee, environmental programs manager for the city, was selected to receive the 2014 individual Green Leadership Award for her efforts to improve environmental sustainability in the community and the county of Los Angeles. Congratulations Sona, and the City of MB!

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