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Friday, August 27, 2010


This morning I turned on CNN to reports about it being five years since hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf. The topic was primarily the fact that there is still SO much rebuilding to be done. Townships only returning to two thirds their original populations and surviving without shopping, goverment buildings yet doing their best to rebuild with what resources they have ... Commercial ... Next story, the United States has just given Pakistan $50 million dollars! I absolutely stand by helping others, but when there are children and families here in our country who are in desperate need of those resources, why would we not share those American dollars here?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I will have a new listing coming out second week in September. The property will be in north Manhattan Beach for under $1,000,000. The Seller shared that she had chosen me because of my business name, Beach Girl Realty, Inc. She said that she'd thought, I'd like to work with her. And I, am privileged and looking forward to working with her!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have got to say, all this controversy about the Manhattan Open going old school has gotten me thinking. The idea that there are pros out there who apparently chose to boycott this event is so disappointing to me. With the failing of the AVP so close to event date, the only alternative would have been canceling the event all together. Makes sense to this beach girl to have gone old school. Perhaps these althletes should take a moment or two and reflect upon how beach volleyball came to be what it is today. If not for the old school Manhattan Open and the tremendous athletes that grew up participating in this event, who knows what volleyball would be today.

Having grown up here in Manhattan Beach, I can remember like yesterday the Manhattan Open weekend. Early Saturday morning, I would grab a towel and a bottle of Coppertone and be out the door. My mother would not see me until the sun went down. I did the same thing on Sunday. We had to leave early to get the best seats. The first time I saw grandstands up, I could not believe my eyes! What in the world?

Bigger is not always better. More is not always better. Sometimes, a gentle reminder that simpler things, make for simpler lives can be useful. In recent years society has become so wrapped up in more, more, more ... this is an opportunity to take a step back, relax and enjoy --- embrace it!

Where is my towel?...

Photo Credit: Duke Noor